Buglife visit to the Bulbourne

Recently The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, more commonly known as Buglife, visited the River Bulbourne where it flows through the Trust estate.

During their visit they were shown the recent changes the River has undergone as part of the award winning Bulbourne Restoration Project, as well undertaking some kick sampling of the River alongside the Box Moor Trust volunteers.

Matt Shardlow, Chief Executive of Buglife had this to say about the teams visit the the Trust:

Buglife visited the Bulbourne restoration project with the Box Moor Trust in March 2018.  Staff were enthused to see the progress with the river and the marvelous array of habitats – including backwaters, riffles and wet deadwood that will form a range of homes for many invertebrate species.  We were taken pond dipping in the Bulbourne and caught freshwater shrimps, leeches, bullheads, caddisflies and  mayflies, one group even found a horsehair worm.  The presence of this mayflies and caddisflies indicate good oxygen levels in the river, but we did see some dogs bathing in the backwaters, which brings flea treatment insecticides into the system, and there are further water pollution issues from discharges into the canal, the origin of the river water.  Perhaps if these chemical issues were resolved there would be a greater abundance of invertebrates occupying the excellent physical structure of the river.