Further Accolade for ‘Bringing back the Bulbourne’

The restoration of the Bulbourne chalk stream continues to be recognised in environmental circles, with another important award having been won.  The Chartered Institute for Ecology & Environmental Management held their awards ceremony in June, and we are delighted to report that ‘Bringing Back the Bulbourne’ won the ‘Best Practice Award for Small Scale Practical Nature Conservation’

The purpose of the project was to restore a 1000m stretch of the Bulbourne between Fishery Road and Two Waters Road. The river in this location had been heavily modified in the past and was over-wide and lacking in features characteristic of a chalk stream.

The changes made to the river are now beginning to bed in. The banks have managed to regenerate, despite the unseasonably dry weather, which has improved the look of the river. Our river fly monitoring volunteer group has seen extremely positive results since the works have been carried out; they have seen a marked increase in the number, and range, of river fly on the sites at which large scale works have been undertaken. The project returned the River Bulbourne to a healthier, and more natural, state. To read more about our double award-winning project, click here: Bringing back the Bulbourne