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19.4.18 | A response to fencing on the Moors

The following is a brief statement in response to a few concerns regarding fencing upon the Moors. The fencing has been installed to part of the Trusts effort to enhance the environment which is an important asset to all beneficiaries.

Box Moor Trust is in the process of replacing the existing and dilapidated 3 strand barbed wire stock fencing which runs along the hedgerow boundary between the moors and the canal, with standard stock fencing  topped by 2 strands of barbed wire, which is an industry standard. The existing dilapidated stock fencing has been in place for many years and as such was in real need of replacing.

In addition, a single strand of electric fencing has been installed in small areas to protect the newly constructed scrapes which are part of the award winning Bulbourne restoration project, funded largely by the Environment Agency.

The quicker flow now achieved in the river has produced a dramatic improvement and increase in the variety of aquatic invertebrates and fish in the river. The scrapes are part of restoring the moors as water meadows which will support a wide variety of different species common to such areas.

Fencing of the sort employed is commonly used in management of such areas which are so very beneficial to the natural environment.

The long term impact of all these improvements will be greatly beneficial to everyone in the local community including for the education of young people in appreciating the natural world.

12.4.18 | Overflowing Dog Bins

Many of you have contacted us regarding several Dog Poo bins across the Trust Estate, most notably those on Blackbirds Moor, Sheethanger Common and at the Old Barn which are currently in a state of overflow. Unfortunately, these bins are the responsibility of Dacorum Borough Council and as such we are waiting for DBC to empty them. The Box Moor Trust kindly ask that any dog walker intending to use the bin instead takes their dog waste home, or finds an alternative receptacle in which to dispose it. Dumping waste at the base of the bin, or hanging it in a nearby tree/bush is not helpful and only serves to exacerbate the problem.

10.4.18 | New Fencing on the Moors

You may have noticed, new wooden fencing posts have been erected around some of the newly restored areas on the moors. These will support a single strand of electric fencing, which will be utilised from 1st May until end of Sept; the fence will keep livestock from entering these areas at such a sensitive time in their establishment, but also allow grazing of grass that was not grazed last year.

To enable effective access to regularly used paths, we have created squeeze points at areas where access has been previously enjoyed. We would encourage users to not touch the electric fencing and only access the paths through the squeeze points provided.

The Box Moor Trust thanks your for your co-operation.