Bovingdon Brickworks

The Box Moor Trust took over this clay quarry from the Bovingdon Brickworks company in 2000 and has been managing for nature and recreation ever since. The site is home to a wide variety of beautiful and interesting things to see, with wildflower meadows, ponds and woodland hosting butterflies, frogs, toads, and there have even been recent records of grass snakes! It also boasts some of the best blackberries on the whole estate.

Japanese Knotweed

A volunteer group has been established specifically at the Bovingdon Brickworks site. The volunteers are playing an important role in managing the site, by reducing the amount of scrub growing across the whole site to improve coverage of wild flowers, removing tree guards on previously planted trees and hedgerows, and battling the invasive plant, Japanese knotweed, from taking over the site.  Future plans for the site include improving the pond areas for the growing population of newts, creating seating and marking footpaths for the visitors, as well as further management of willow and ash to create an ideal habitat for wildflowers and the insects that depend on them. We are also looking to record and monitor how our efforts are improving the diversity and populations of wildlife on site.

Volunteering gives people the opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests, learn new skills and get some exercise while giving back to the community.  If you would like to join in the voluntary team, please send an email to for more details.