Roughdown Common

In the coming months and years you will see some changes to the appearance of Roughdown Common; self-set trees have spread over what was originally chalk grassland, and as such has encouraged scrub to grow over and replace the grass. The Box Moor Trust in conjunction with Natural England, aim to reduce the tree and scrub cover; this will encourage the reestablishment of calcareous species originally found on this site. Roughdown Common is one of the countries few remaining examples of unimproved chalk grassland such remenants only survive in three other sites in Hertfordshire, (Baldock, Hitchin and Tring). The thin, nutrient poor free draining soils prevent domination by taller competitive species, resulting in some of the most species rich communities in the county.

If you would like to read the full agreement between the Box Moor Trust and Natural England you can do so below.

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