Dogs and the Box Moor Trust.

With almost 500 acres of land filled with hills, rivers and trees, the Box Moor Trust is a natural place to walk your dog, to the extent that Dog Walking is arguably the most popular activity conducted on Trust land. Whilst the Trust is dog friendly, there are some guidelines that we would very much appreciative if responsible dog owners followed.

Our lines are broadly based on those of the Countryside Code, and suggest that Dogs should be kept under control, whether this means being kept at heel (if you are certain you have absolute control over your dog), or on a short lead.

With regards to Livestock, responsible dog owners should keep as far away from the animals, be they Cattle, Horses or Sheep, as well as ensuring their dog is kept under control at all times. Unfortunately, in recent months the Trust has been made aware of an increased in Sheep Worrying, which, tragically, culminated with the deaths of two Lambs which were attacked by dog whose owner had failed to control it adequately. It should also go without saying, that the Trust advises everyone, regardless of dog ownership, not to feed or pet any of the animals they may come across on the Trust land.

Regarding anything your Dog may leave behind; any fouling should be picked up and deposed of in a responsible manner. Do not leave bags hanging on branches or bushes, this is unacceptable behaviour, and presents a health risk both to animals and humans alike.