Exciting Moth news!

On the 9th September, Moth trapper Ben Sale and Box Moor Trust Chairman David Kirk set up some Moth traps at Roughdown Common. As a result of the trapping they came across a…Jersey Mocha! The Jersey Mocha (Cyclophora ruficiliaria), was first seen in the Mainland UK in 2003 at Portland Bill, Dorset, and has subsequently established a breeding colony in South West Cornwall. Named after the Channel Island in which it was first discovered, it is often regarded as incredible rare inland. Whilst we’re still awaiting official confirmation, this could be the first ever recorded sighting of the Jersey Mocha in Hertfordshire!

We will keep you updated as to the status of the Moth discovery. If it is indeed the first confirmed sighting in county, we will be sure to let you know!

Update 13/09/16 12:20. We’ve just had confirmation from the County Recorder that this is indeed the first sighting of a Jersey Mocha in the Country!