Water rails at Gadespring

Over the last few weeks Water rails have been spotted at the Gadespring Cressbeds. Whilst Water rails are fairly common, they are a secretive bird and as such they are more often heard than seen. Box Moor Trust Chairman David Kirk had this to say about our new visitors.

We are delighted that a Water Rail has been reported several times at our Gadespring Cressbed Hide. This winter visitor has been seen occasionally at Trust reedbeds elsewhere locally in the past but, because it is so shy, few people get to see one in the open. In Winter, they also visit sites such as Tring Reservoirs and Rye Meads RSPB reserve and may well be present in the Gade Valley but good pictures like these by Mike Dunks and Rob Simons are hard to achieve without the shelter of a bird hide. Breeding records in Herts are rare but with the Trust‘s suitable wetland habitats in the Boxmoor area we can always hope!

Water Rail at Gadespring by Mike Dunks.

The Cressbeds site is fast becoming a local hot spot for birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers. Over the last year we’ve had a variety of different birds and mammals spotted, from the common Robins, Coots and Moorhens to a beautiful family of Kingfishers and even a couple of Redpolls.

Photo credit: Rob Simons and Mike Dunks.