Box Moor Trust and Lockers Park School team up to save the Hemel Swifts

The Box Moor Trust and Lockers Park School collaborate to encourage swifts to return to Hemel Hempstead.

 Lockers Park Preparatory School’s pupils have been putting their design and technology skills to good use in a special project launched by the Box Moor Trust.

With swift numbers rapidly decreasing within the UK, the Box Moor Trust initiated a scheme to encourage them to return to the area to nest.  Last year, a small colony of swifts was spotted in Lockers Park Lane, one in Baylie Lane and another in Great Elms Road. Returning young swifts like to nest near their parents.

Lockers Park Year 6 pupils got involved by cutting templates and building some of the 50 nest boxes needed as part of their Technology course, Box Moor Trust Junior Rangers will complete the rest. Residents living around Lockers Park School in Boxmoor with two-storey houses are being asked if they will house a nest box to help encourage swifts to thrive once more.

David Kirk, Chair of The Box Moor Trust observes: “Swifts often can’t find a suitable roof for nesting in the area. I have watched youngsters repeatedly searching under eaves for holes and flying away unsuccessful. The answer is to erect wooden swift nest boxes as close as possible to an existing site.”

Christopher Wilson, Headmaster at Lockers Park says: “Our Year 6 pupils relished the opportunity to get involved in this worthwhile local scheme while honing their DT skills in the process. We hope to see an increase in swift numbers over the coming years as a direct result of the programme. The Box Moor Trust is a fantastic local resource and we frequently utilise its facilities to enhance our pupils’ learning.”

Special thanks go to Selco builders warehouse in Maylands Avenue who donated the wood for the nest boxes.

Photos used with permission of Lockers Park School.