Snipes say Hello!

We at the Trust have been over the moon this week, with the spotting of both a Common Snipe and a Jack Snipe across the Trust Estate.

The Common Snipe was spotted on the Moor along the banks of the Bulbourne. We were particularly delighted when Alice Vesty sent in the photo (below)as increasing the habitat diversity of the river and its banks was was one of the aims of the Bulbourne Restoration Project. The Project saw the construction of ephemeral ponds (aka scrapes), habitats which encourage wading birds such as the Common Snipe to visit the Trust Estate. The first phase of the Bulbourne Project started in January 2016, and as such it has taken less than 18 months for wading birds to start visiting the River.

The Jack Snipe meanwhile was spotted just a few days later at our Gadespring Cressbeds. The Jack Snipe is smaller and squatter than the Common Snipe, and like it’s bigger cousin is very shy; so when Clive Tomlinson sent in the photo below we were naturally very happy.  After having taken over the disused Cressbeds site in 2011, the Trust alongside a dedicated band of Volunteers have taken great pleasure in converting the site into a mini nature reserve. Over the last few years, we have seen a variety of birds and other wildlife in the area, with the elusive Jack Snipe certainly being one our favourites!

Jack Snipe