Wasp Spiders found on Trust Estate.

Whilst carrying out work on the Estate, our Estate Manager recently came across this Wasp Spider. Alongside him was one of our Conservation Volunteers, Mike Dunks, who took these fantastic photos. It was the first time on record that a Wasp Spider had been found anywhere on the Trust Estate. This discovery was made in Preston Hill.

Box Moor Trust Ecology Ranger Ben Sale had this to say about the discovery:

“It is an important discovery because it highlights that we are enduring warmer winters and a warmer year-round climate, to allow these rather exotic looking Spiders to thrive and breed.

It is a species native to Southern Europe and was first seen around the 1920’s and has since spread Northwards from Southern England. 

They are also completely harmless and the bright colours are to deter predators from eating them.”

Click the images below for full-sized versions.