Proposed deregistration and exchange of common land

The Trustees of the Box Moor Trust have applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under section 16 of the Commons Act 2006 for land forming part of the above-mentioned registered common land (the “release land”) to cease to be so registered. The Planning Inspectorate will decide the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The reasons for exchange are attached below. A copy of the full application is available for inspection at the Box Moor Trust Centre, London Road during office hours. Please don’t hesitate to contact the trust if you have any questions regarding the application, or if you require and further details. The Trust can be reached via telephone: 01442 253300 or email: [email protected]

To download the map and general information please click here

To view the form of notice proposal please click here

To view the Box Moor Trust’s reasons for the exchange please click here