Swift news needed!

Are you keeping an eye on the sky now the planes are so rare? Bovingdon’s Swifts returned from Africa yesterday and have been seen over the Airfield. They are generally the last spring bird to arrive and the first to leave. Their numbers are declining rapidly across the country and part of the reason is that the old houses they love to use for nests are being replaced by houses with roof spaces  that they are unable to access. There are only 3 known nest sites in the whole Hemel Hempstead area and they need help.

If we could track down where these Bovingdon nests are then boxes are currently available from the Box Moor Trust that could be placed nearby to help the colony survive.

Do you know where they nest nest in Bovingdon? We know the Hemel Sites but a colony in or near Bovingdon would be great news. A possibility is an old building at Whelpley Hill but it is a short journey by air and they could spread  into Bovingdon to breed if they can find nest sites. If you could do a bit of detective work then please email [email protected].