Electric fences on Station Moor

Electric fences have now been in use on the Moors for several years, when stock are present. It’s a matter of great regret that they should have caused any distress over the weekend. The slack strand in the fence was entirely due to an extraordinary feat of vandalism involving breaking a 4 inch wooden post. It was fixed immediately that we became aware. As ever the Trust is committed to providing a safe environment in a working countryside where we can all enjoy the beauty and delights of that countryside and cherish the best of what we endeavour to protect and enhance in an ever shrinking natural environment.

Please go to our website www.boxmoortrust.org.uk get to know us better – and to support us. Join our Friends. Join our volunteers. See what we offer in bring the countryside closer to you. In this context please see all that we do to do educate and enthuse young people, where sadly our work has to be on hold at the moment due to Covid-19 – but as the BBC says every day – we will be back!

And back to electric fences, they are there as part of a major restoration scheme to restore the river Bulbourne, funded largely by the Environment agency, which builds on years of work by the Trust to achieve that aim. The scheme has won a number of national awards, as well as the enthusiastic appreciation of many people who love to see how the flora and fauna in this rare chalk stream are flourishing again and how wonderful the river looks generally. Chalk streams are a globally rare habitat, with approximately 210 remaining. An article about the importance and need to preserve such streams can be found on the Guardian’s website.

The fences are an integral part of the restoration scheme, in place until the newly realigned banks firm up. They are to national farming standards and meet appropriate codes.

We have appropriate warnings on the fences and pleas at each gate onto the Moors requesting respect for the cattle and horses – and for regard to personal safety. Please don’t allow little children to get too close to the stock, especially by not actually placing them close to the animals and certainly not placing them on to their backs for photographs!! Yes, that has happened in the last couple of days. (And do remember to keep dogs under close control near stock at all times).

Our underlying message here is please get to know us and understand all that we are about. We want everyone to share our joy in bringing the natural environment closer to the public at large. We look to your support in achieving that end. Do tell us of your concerns at [email protected] Our phone is 01442 253300, which although not always staffed at the moment will take your messages. At this difficult time when we are under great pressure, operating as we inevitably are on a limited workforce and with many of our wonderful volunteers (who contribute so much) self isolating.

Best wishes to you all – the Box Moor Trust