Dogs on the Box Moor Trust estate.

At the Trust we recognise the importance of dogs as companion animals. Most of us have one! We are sad to have heard that in the last few days a dog which was not under close control in a field on the Moor where cattle are grazing was seriously injured – whilst harassing them. The owner has not contacted us. 
We take this opportunity to emphasise that we expect all dog walkers on any part of the Trust land to act responsibly, obey the law and the Countryside Code, by keeping their dog – or dogs – under close control, i.e. on a lead whenever they could encounter cattle or sheep. This is for the safety of their precious dog, for themselves and for others. It’s not fair to a dog to do otherwise.

Please also remember that on all the Trust’s land the Public Spaces Protection Order makes it a criminal offence not to clear up and properly dispose of dog excrement – to keep the land wholesome and to protect the health of our stock and all visitors, especially children.

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