Election Results

Thank you to all our beneficiaries who voted in our 2020 Trustee election. As a result of the ballot, six candidates have been duly elected to serve as Trustees.  They are:

Graham French 1,935
Julie James  3,123
Peter Ablett 2,371
Peter Phillips 1,941
Patrick Schneiders 2,162
Stephen Wilson 2,419


The number of eligible voters: 40,977

The total number of votes cast: 4,317

Turnout: 10.54%

Our congratulations go to them and we look forward to working with them going forward.  We would also like to extend our thanks to all the candidates who stood.

NB: The election was carried out fairly and impartially, in line with the dictates of our Scheme. One resident reported to us that he did not receive the extra ballot papers as requested. This was immediately rectified. Clearly, the Trust wishes to ensure that all those who wished to vote could do so. We are rigorously checking the service received from our contractors. If any other voter did not receive the requested extra papers can the Trust please be informed?