Bury Wood

Some 15 years ago, Dacorum Borough Council passed ownership of and management responsibility for Bury Wood to Box Moor Trust. The Box Moor Trust had the greater expertise and DBC wanted to save on the costs of its management and maintenance.

By all reports, we have managed the area very successfully over the years, including the financial implications, and are happy to continue doing so. However, the Open Spaces Society have decided they wish to disrupt this arrangement and have put in an application to have the area declared as Common Land.

Such status would seriously constrain the way in which The Box Moor Trust is able to manage the land going forward whilst still bearing the financial burden. The Box Moor Trust purchased the neighbouring Sheethanger Common in 1886 (Common Land); Bury Wood was not part of the arrangement and ownership was retained by the Borough before passing to BMT as above. Nothing has happened over the last 140years to change that situation.

Because of the constraints Common Land status would put on The Box Moor Trust in their ability to manage the area, the Trust is registering its objection to the application and seeks your support by also doing so. The Box Moor Trust takes the view that the area has been perfectly well managed over the years, to the satisfactory of its beneficiaries (the users) and can see no benefit either to the Trust or the Users in changing the status.

Please support the Trust by registering your objection (by 25th February 2022) to:

commons&[email protected] quoting reference CLP061A

If you would like more detail or information please contact either Estate manager – Peter Samson – on (01442) 253300 or Trustee – Peter Phillips – on 07733 358692.