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We’re Hiring!

The Box Moor Trust is looking for a Seasonal Ranger to support our busy Estates Team. The role is temporary, between the months of July and November, and the deadline for entries is Sunday 5th July. This job advert is now closed. Thank you for your interest.  

First Water Vole spotted at Durrants Lake!

Thanks to a Boxmoor and District Angling Club member this is the first image of one of the Water Voles released at Durrants Lake Apsley by the Box Moor Trust. Many fishermen remember these wonderful little mammals from the last sightings 40 years ago or more before Mink predation sawRead More

Litter and Covid-19

Covid-19 has created many problems for the Trust, including litter – as never before.  It’s a nationwide problem. Blackbirds Moor has been a very obvious honeypot. Staff and many volunteers are putting in a terrific effort on everyone’s behalf, including Trust Ranger Jane Ahern, who has newly joined us forRead More

Dogs on the Box Moor Trust estate.

At the Trust we recognise the importance of dogs as companion animals. Most of us have one! We are sad to have heard that in the last few days a dog which was not under close control in a field on the Moor where cattle are grazing was seriously injuredRead More