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Read about our recent bird song walk

A couple of weeks ago, naturalist and Box Moor Trust volunteer Sam Buckton led a birdsong walk across the Trust Estate. The purpose of the walk was to familiarise the walkers with different birdsong. Despite the rain, attendees discovered approximately 20 birds in a variety of shapes and sizes. EveryRead More

Bridge Renovations underway

Recently the Box Moor Trust, commissioned structural engineers to carry out safety inspections on the three bridges on Bulbourne, Harding’s and Station Moor. The three bridges all showed signs of deterioration to the structures and the surfaces. As a result of these inspections the Box Moor Trust has engaged aRead More

Lambing Weekend 2019

Box Moor Trust Lambing Weekend – a fabulous day out for all the family!   Spring is approaching, which can only mean one thing, little lambs being born! Apart from our Autumn Festival, our Lambing Weekend is the next biggest event in the calendar. Last year we had a fantasticRead More

Introducing our new Stock Map

In the last few years we at the Box Moor Trust have noticed an uptick in the amount of dog attacks and instances of sheep worrying. As such, we recently launched a new Stock Map to enable responsible dog owners to always be aware of the location of our cattleRead More