Our Environmental Awareness and Community Courses

The Box Moor Trust has been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge

The diverse nature of the Box Moor Trust estate allows us to offer a very wide range of learning opportunities, covering many areas of National Curriculum and examining body requirements, including Science, Geography, Art, Agriculture, English, Maths, History and Citizenship.  We also provide seasonal and bushcraft courses.

Our emphasis is on direct, first-hand investigation and exploration using a variety of teaching methods for different learning styles.

We offer courses for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes.  Lists of our ready-made courses are available to download.  We are also able to provide tailor-made courses to suit specific time scales, ages, abilities, subject requirements and equality, diversity or inclusion issues or needs.

We offer several courses for secondary schools, in addition to facilitating independent field study visits by loaning equipment and providing access to our facilities and resources.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Visits are possible all year round and many of our courses are specifically designed for trips during the autumn and spring terms.

School visits may be for a half or full day.  You may wish to come for a one-off visit, for a series of linked visits to study a subject in more depth or for regular, seasonal visits.

After your visit you will be provided with an age-group appropriate activity sheet, designed to build on some of the activities your class has undertaken.