Christine Ridley

Candidate Name: Christine Ridley

Brief description:
I am a retired teacher who lived in Hemel Hempstead from 1974 until 1986 and more recently from 2012 until the present.

Summary description:
I have always been passionate about wildlife and environmental issues. Soon after moving back to Hemel, I joined the Dacorum Environmental Forum and since then have been involved in setting up a charity to manage the Halsey Field Local Wildlife Site in Gadebridge. In 2017 I became a joint warden of Butterfly Conservation’s Millhoppers Nature Reserve near Tring and also a committee member of the Friends of Gadebridge Park.

I am keen to learn and to enthuse other people about environmental matters, and in 2016 followed a course on ‘Ecology, Conservation and Habitat Management’ run by the university of Exeter.

Manifesto if elected:

I feel proud and enthusiastic about living in a town where the Box Moor Trust owns and manages such a variety of sites and organizes a wide-ranging educational programme. Since moving back to Hemel in 2012, I have acquainted myself with the Box Moor Trust’s lands and have gained significant knowledge of the flora and fauna of each site. I have attended courses run by the Box Moor Trust on Flowering plants and mosses, and I have been a regular volunteer, both helping with land management, monitoring flora and fauna, and assisting at educational events.

As chairman of the charity Friends of Halsey Field I have been involved in:

  1. Organising and leading regular work parties to carry out the management of the site.
  2. Applying for grants.
  3. Managing funds.
  4. Organising events such as moth surveys, an open day and bio blitz.
  5. Walking a weekly butterfly transect on the site for Butterfly Conservation.

Experiences as a member of the Friends of Gadebridge park include:

  1. Monitoring the invertebrate population of the Gade every month and submitting results to the Riverflies Partnership and Environment Agency.
  2. Liaising with DBC to enhance the biodiversity of the park and Hemel Hempstead’s open spaces.

I feel confident that the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained through the above activities would help me to communicate effectively about the aims and objectives of the Trust, work in a team, assist with environmental and sustainability issues and contribute to the Trust’s educational programme.


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