Julie James

Candidate Name: Julie James

Brief description:
Born and bred Hemel girl, I work in a local infant school. I want to get local children (and their families) involved in the Trust. I believe they are the way forward for the Trust as they are our future.

Summary description:
I am 55 years young. I live in Chaulden with my husband and children. I have a long association with the Trust and the area from when my parents took over The Swan Inn back in 1974. My children have attended the Saturday clubs and I have been involved in Forest Schools through the Infant school I work in.

Recently I became involved with helping to set up Gadespring for use by local children. This has given me great inspiration to do more to involve children in everything the Trust has to offer. So many people are unaware of what is on their doorstep, the Trust has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to pass on to our children. Conservation, wildlife, farming and history to name but a few subjects.

I would like to use my experience in organising events to help the Trust in these areas. The more people that we can get involved the better. I want to let people know more about the great work that the Trust do.  How they protect wildlife and fauna. The history of the area, the cress beds, the animals they breed and all the other behind the scenes work that goes on.

Manifesto if elected:

I have worked in many different areas, from serving in the RAF from a young girl to now working in a local school.

I have been involved in local groups, from road safety to the LA3 Protest group Whag. I have helped organise many fundraisers for the school, and was involved in Camelot Rugby Club’s centenary summer ball. I have good organisation skills and would like to think I can help the Trust staff with local events, I know an extra pair of hands is always welcome.

I believe my love for the local area and the joy that I have seen on the faces of children when they learn about the countryside hands-on is the most important thing I can bring to the Trust. We need the children to become involved, to learn about the Trust, what type of trees grow where, what plants are safe. To learn about the canals and cress beds and the history. I want to encourage families to use Trust land to spend time together. I believe that this pandemic has made more people realize that time outside together is important, health is important and that their local area is important.

I would like to bring a new feel to the Trust, where young people and families are even more welcome than before and feel that they want to become involved with the Trust itself.


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