Michael Dunks

Candidate Name: Michael Dunks

Brief description:
I would serve to support the Trust in engaging young people with the Trust and its countryside.

Summary description:
I am a keen wildlife photographer and have been happily married for 41 years. I am now retired but after an apprenticeship at Rotax I became an Engineer Surveyor for RSA and Zurich Insurance. I have qualifications in Engineering and Health and Safety. I have lived in Hemel Hempstead for over 60 years and as a child used to play on most of the areas that are Trust Land. I currently volunteer for Box Moor Trust and previously at College Lakes. In the past, locally I have chaired an infant school PTA and have been a school Governor.

Manifesto if elected:
I have throughout my life volunteered for many roles that involve our children as engaging young people into our adult world is important. Whilst I was with a local motorcycle club I supported and engaged our young riders by initiating ayouth “operated and managed” inter club motorcycle event and also managed regular rider training for all levels.

The Trust has a strong Volunteer programme which I have supported and I have gained sponsorship
for a photography session in which the Youth Rangers were encouraged to use professional level
cameras and telephoto lenses to hopefully capture a few pictures of water voles and kingfishers at
Gadespring. I have been a School Governor and raised income as a member of the PTA for both infant and secondary schools and chaired the Infant PTA.

The Trust maintain sections of green spaces that are increasingly being integrated into the town and
are now becoming part of our urban landscape. I would serve to protect those open spaces so that they are always available and enhance your and your children’s lives. I will engage young people with the Trust and its countryside, and maintain the Trust’s “life long” learning and community engagement.

I have a belief in committing to a project and seeing it through to successful completion. I would bring that enthusiasm and commitment to the role of Trustee of Box Moor Trust.


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