Patrick Schneiders

Candidate Name: Patrick Schneiders

Brief description:
I am a passionate environmentalist, experienced and qualified in environmental restoration, protecting wildlife and promoting sustainability.

Summary description:I have recently moved back to Bovingdon to be closer to where I was brought up. I live with my husband, our dog, two bee hives, and four chickens, where we are building a modern ecologically friendly home for our family.

I have been working in the environmental sector specialising in habitat creation, wildlife enhancement and sustainability for 9 years. I am a member of the institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and Chartered with the Society for the Environment. I have a degree in Biology and Psychology from Royal Holloway University.

Manifesto if elected:
Throughout 2020 we have all had to make changes to the way we live. My home is near to the Box Moor Trust’s Brickworks site, which I felt lucky to explore during lockdown. I am grateful for the spaces that the Trust offers and the positive impact on my own mental health. I want to ensure that everyone in our community is able to appreciate these valuable spaces in a way that helps them to connect with nature and improve their wellbeing.               

I was brought up on a farm outside Bovingdon, which gave me many great experiences, like helping my dad during harvest, feeding the pigs, the chickens, and cattle. I feel privileged to have had this upbringing, which is one of the reasons why I treat our shared outdoor spaces with such high regard. As a trustee, I will ensure that the Trust continues to maintain its accessibility for all to work, play and learn on the estate.

I have worked in the environmental sector for most of my career, some of my proudest achievements are where I have: tackled environmental hazards and pollution, promoted sustainable development in construction, and managed habitat restoration and creation projects. I have led very similar projects to the Box Moor Trust’s award winning ‘Bringing Back the Bulbourne’ project. I would bring this knowledge of industry and regulation to protect wildlife and ensure the Trust can be on the front foot and able to deliver effective conservation and environmental enhancements across the estate.


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