Peter Ablett

Candidate Name: Peter Ablett

Brief descrition:
Boxmoor resident (and dog walker) since 1969. Trust education and conservation volunteer for 5 years. Trustee for 15 years, currently Chair of Estates Committee.

Summary description:

  • Enthusiastic to have the opportunity of continuing to support the Trust in its mission of demonstrating best practice in managing its resources to the benefit of all local residents, young, not so young and old,
  • Determined that everyone can enjoy the natural environment in a working countryside, where our stock, pastures and flora and fauna are treasured by everyone,
  • Supportive of policies which enable our caring staff to provide opportunities at BMT for volunteering, learning, relaxing and for maintaining physical and mental well-being,
  • Equipped to play a constructive part in facing the numerous difficult decisions currently confronting Trustees – in terms of finance, changing legislation and government policies.

Manifesto if elected:
Being Chair of BMT’s Land and Estates Committee gives insights into the difficult funding and organisational issues facing the Trust in these uncertain times.

Uncertainty provides opportunities. I want to play an active part in taking a fresh look at all that the Trust does, particularly how it engages with and communicates with local people. This is key to its future

I offer experience from my role, before retiring, as Chief Environmental Health Officer at Dacorum BC, responsible for larger budgets and staffing than at the Trust – plus a wide range of public health,  environmental, and housing functions, defining policies and providing services.

I introduced the Dacorum Environmental Forum, which gives an opportunity for local organisations (including the Trust) to join in promoting local environmental engagement.

I was also a link with local Health Authorities, led on Emergency Planning and set up the Dacorum Neighbourhood Mediation Service, all requiring understanding of many different systems and disciplines.

Wrestling over many years with all the legal and practical complexities related to the above – and afterwards at BMT, I am confident of being able to further fulfil the role of Trustee.

For the future my priorities will be to strengthen team-working within the Trust  AND  seeing the Trust redouble efforts to improve communication with – and feedback from – you, our  residents.

My love of the natural world was gained as a child and youth, free to roam an unspoiled Derbyshire countryside. I am constantly reminded that, “We all have a duty to save something of the best of the natural world for our grandchildren”. (Keynote: First Earth Conference – RIO 1990).

This informs all my thinking as a Trustee. It will continue to do so.


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