Peter Phillips

Candidate Name: Peter Beric Phillips

Brief description:
Have been a Trustee for 15 years, the last 10 of which I chaired the Finance and Assets Committee.

Summary description:
I am seeking your support to be re-elected as a Trustee having already served for 15 years, the last 10 of which I was Chair of the Finance & Assets Committee. As a retired widower, with a background in both finance and law, I am pleased to have the time to apply to Trust matters on a regular basis.

I have lived in Hemel, and enjoyed the Trust, since 1975. I have family in the area and it is my desire to see that the Trust continues for their benefit and, indeed, for all our beneficiaries.

There are exciting times ahead for the Trust and I believe I can be a useful part of it.

Manifesto if elected:
I have been a Trustee for 15 years and served for the last 10 years as Chairman of the Finance Assets Committee. My business background is in finance and law. Being now retired and a widower I am pleased to have the time to apply to matters of the Trust on a regular basis. Working with our staff and my fellow trustees has been a pleasure.

I have lived in Hemel since 1975 and been happy to enjoy the benefits of the Trust for that time. I have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren living in the area who also enjoy the Trust and it is my wish that they can continue to benefit for many years to come.

The Trust has seen much development over the last few years, particularly the building and usage of our new Centre and I believe I have been a useful part of it. There are also exciting times ahead which, together with the difficulties brought about by Covid, will require all our attention and commitment.

I am apolitical as far as my dealings on the Trust are concerned. I am fortunate in having experience in Trustee and Charity fields as a Trustee of a.n. other Benevolent Fund, President of my Regimental Association and a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

I would be delighted to have your support as I seek re-election.


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