Stephen Wilson

Candidate Name: Stephen Wilson

Brief description:
A resident of Hemel Hempstead since 1954, retired from teaching geography and now actively involved in wildlife management and environmental issues.

Summary description:
My name is Steve Wilson. Hemel Hempstead resident since 1954, I attended Hobbs Hill and Apsley Grammar Schools before obtaining an BSc in Geography and Geology at Reading University and later an MA Education at London University.

Teaching at Astley Cooper School and Great Baddow High School, Essex, developed my skills in planning, decision-making, teamwork, communication and budget control.

My voluntary environmental work currently includes roles as Vice-Chairman of Dacorum Environmental Forum, Secretary of the Friends  of Gadebridge Park and membership of Box Moor Trust Education Committee.

I am experienced and confident working on projects with planners, local politicians and other stakeholders.

Manifesto if elected:
The importance of the outdoor space provided for the local community by the Box Moor Trust has never been greater than during the current health crisis. Appreciating and understanding the natural world around us is increasingly critical. I would like to help the Trust further develop its educational work with schools, adults and people with special needs. My background in teaching and developing resources would, I believe, be of great assistance to the Trust.

The Trust’s woodlands, grassland and river meadows need to be protected. As a professional geographer, I have specialised in studying the management of the river systems and have campaigned to preserve the ecology and restore flows to the Gade and Bulbourne. This means working with local water companies to prevent over-abstraction and pollution from drains and sewers.

Volunteers, friends and local groups already make a massive contribution to the Trust. Their roles should be further developed.

It is critical to maintain staffing levels to support the current range of services to schools, the general public and agricultural activities. Income generation is therefore of crucial importance and as a dynamic organisation it may be necessary to give up some land in exchange for other land, in order to maximise revenue.

As chairman of Leverstock Green Cricket Club for fourteen years, I helped plan, finance and oversee a massive club redevelopment and wold be confident in my ability to help the Trust make tough decisions through what for all of us will be difficult times.


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