Susan Mitchell

Candidate Name: Susan Mitchell

Brief description:
Have been a resident of Bovingdon for the past seventeen years. Enjoying the welcoming atmosphere and friendly community as well as supporting the local shops.

Summary description:
One of my many skills is working as a complementary therapist, with lots of tools in my box to help people take care and look after themselves.  Previous to all the training and ongoing training for therapies, l was the landlady of a public house and prior to this – worked in a Bank.  All my occupations have been helping people in one form or another.  People and nature are my passion. I am empathic and a very good listener, never judging only guiding where appropriate.  Preservation of wildlife and nature are crucial for our children and grandchildren to enjoy, therefore helping to look after and preserve what is around us is so important and l would love to be a part of that ongoing trust. 

Manifesto if elected:

Having many years of experience in helping people will l hope assist me in becoming a good Trustee. Listening to every point of view and weighing up all of the different scenarios and outcomes can make a real difference.  I enjoy empowering others and helping to make things happen. 

At the present moment am undergoing leadership training skills with the CEO of, which I am sure will help me with future events.

I spend a lot of time networking, getting to know other people and businesses in the area, where we swap ideas and help each other.

Life has been one long learning curve and has helped to shape me into an understanding individual who listens to the needs of the general public. 

Being a learning junky has given me lots of knowledge about all sorts of subjects – but it is impossible to know everything.  Am always happy to learn more to enhance my skills to help conserve and maintain the Trust land for the benefit of everyone.

Having run my own business for many years, I can understand that people have different points of view and see things from a different perspective, the challenge being to bring everything together and find a solution to suit all.

I am hoping to bring to the Trust, many years of skills and knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm to help preserve this wonderful place for many years to come.  People need open spaces and a lovely calm environment for their mental and physical wellbeing, this beautiful Trust land can help so many people of all ages achieve that lovely state of a healthy body and mind.


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