Our Eco Code

At the Box Moor Trust, we are doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment and to educate our visitors on how they can do the same.

Under our Eco-Code:

  • We will reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and minimise our use of resources.
  • We will use less environmentally damaging products.
  • We will minimise our water use.
  • We will minimise our energy use.
  • We will protect and encourage our wildlife and plants.
  • We will encourage our visitors to live more sustainably.
Visitors can look out for the signs around the Old Barn Education Centre showing what we are doing and what they can do to help.

In particular, we have taken action to reduce the amount of waste we produce, to reuse what we can and to recycle or compost what is left.  We hope that virtually nothing will be sent for disposal in a landfill.  One of our biggest waste streams is the snack and lunch waste produced by our visitors.  To reduce this, we set our visitors a ‘Waste Free Day’ Challenge.

With a waste free lunch or snack, our visitors bring reusable containers that can then go back home to be washed and used again.  Recyclable waste can be dealt with back at home using local authority recycling schemes.

There are therefore NO DISPOSAL FACILITIES for food and drink waste at our Old Barn classroom.

‘Waste Free Days at the Box Moor Trust’ provides details of this Challenge.

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