Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. When will Kickstart placements start? 

All placements must start by December 2021


  1. Can placements in an organisation be staggered throughout the year? 



  1. Can I use Kickstart to fill a role I have had to make redundant due to Covid?

No, Kickstart must be an additional role and cannot be used to fill a role that has been made redundant or one that would normally be advertised and filled in the usual way.


  1. I am a young person looking to take part in the scheme, but I am not registered for Universal Credit, can I apply?

No, anyone applying to a Kickstart position MUST NOT be in any form of education, employment or training. They must be registered for Universal Credit and in contact with the DWP who will be the first point of contact for finding placements.


  1. Is there a ‘probation period’ in the first few weeks of a placement?

A probation period is not set by DWP, this would be the choice of the employer. An employer can end the placement at any time if the person is not suitable.  


  1. What happens financially if things don’t work out, with a pre-6 month termination for any reason? 

The employer would keep the initial £1500 but the monthly payments would stop when wages did.


  1. If an employer offers the placement holder a job at the end of the placement, does the 6 months count towards their service? 

As a placement holder would have a contract of employment from day 1, the 6 month placement would count towards their service.


  1. What is the nature of the employment contract?

The contract must be for a minimum of 25 hours at national minimum wage, sick pay and holiday would be in line with the employer’s existing procedures.


  1. How long will the scheme run for?

Last placements will start in December 2021.


  1. Who runs the selection process?

The employer will be able to select their own candidate through an interview process.


  1. Is the recruitment process for a Kickstart placement defined? 

The recruitment process is currently defined by each individual employer.


  1. Once an application is accepted, what paperwork / information is required during or at the end of the 6 month period? 

The only paperwork is the initial grant funding agreement.


  1. Will there be any audit process the employer should be aware of? 

After initial checks the payments will be completed using RTI feed info and the young person will receive in work support from a work coach.


  1. What day to day involvement will the Gateway have with companies, once the employment starts? 

This is an agreement between the Gateway and the employer, the only contact they have to have is regarding the payments.


  1. What happens if there is a dispute between the company and Kickstart employee?

This scheme is not work experience it is a paid job and they should be treated the same as any other employee.


  1. Can the employer ‘top up’ the salary?

The employer can choose to pay more or offer more hours. 


  1. Will candidates apply for jobs through the Gateway or direct to the company? 

The candidate will apply to the employer through their chosen application method.


  1. How will the Gateway be involved in the selection process for candidates? 

The Gateway won’t be involved in the selection process for candidates; the employer will manage the selection process.


  1. Will the Kickstart Scheme produce standard placement paperwork and information to be used?

There is a grant funding agreement for the Gateway but any employment contracts are the responsibility of the employer.


  1. How will the monthly payroll claiming process work?

The process for issuing payments is still to be signed off.  More details can be found here:


  1. As an employer what training am I required to supply for my Kickstart employee?

Employers should include training to help Kickstart employees to develop work skills and employability support to help with future employment. Employability support includes on-the-job training, work search support, transferable skills development, mentoring, careers advice, and other related support to help the Participants find sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart Scheme jobs. Training should also help participants to develop and build work skills including developing attendance management timekeeping, teamwork and communication skills as appropriate. A programme of training courses will be available through the Gateway.