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A Book detailing over Four Hundred years of Box Moor Trust history.

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Four Hundred Years of the Box Moor Trust

This major work by Joan and Roger Hands chronicles the history and development of the Trust from its earliest beginnings in 1581 up to the present day.

Order a copy of the book and learn about:

  • the Trust’s secret beginnings through to its present public profile
  • revelations from the past
  • charismatic characters
  • swimming baths and sports clubs – then and now
  • insights into the workings of the Trust
  • benefits to the community it serves in Hemel Hempstead and Bovingdon
  • plants and animals of the Moors, Commons and rivers
  • full appendices – Feoffes and Trustees since 1594, etc

The book consists of nearly 300 pages of interesting facts, and contains over 350 illustrations, many in full colour. The book also includes many absorbing historical maps and is produced to a very high standard by Alpine Press of Kings Langley.

Please note, due to the weight of the book, it shall be sent out via courier.

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