Roger Hands

Current Role at BMT:

  • Emeritus Trustee
  • Member of the Archives TFG

Confirmed as Emeritus Trustee: 2015

Background / Bio:

Roger served as an elected Trustee for 36 years until his retirement from the Board  in 2015 to concentrate on his work with other charities.  During his  time as Trustee he was Chair for several years. Roger was deeply involved in all environmental matters, strategy, finance and heritage. He and his wife Joan spent many years writing the history of the Trust (from Royalty to Commoners).  This book provides a wonderful resume of the first four centuries up to the year 2004 and will be valuable for decades or perhaps centuries to come.

In recognition of all his work, Roger was asked to be the  Trust’s first Emeritus Trustee. Roger keeps in touch with current activity and offers his long experience when needed. He is currently a key member of an important group working on protection of Trust Archives. He is also working closely with the Trust on the long term protection of our local rivers and  water resources.