Maps and Walks

Heritage Leaflet Map Stripped

The Trust has produced the following walks for your pleasure. Please click on the image to zoom in.

We ask that you observe the countryside code at all times and respect the animals and fellow walkers on your travels.

  • Blue Walk This is an easy walk along the valley floor. Length: approx. 4.5 – 6km (2.8 – 3.7 miles), approx. 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Green Walk A walk with steep climbs to a plateau at the top of the hill – a typical country walk. Approx. 4km (2.5 miles). 2 hours.
  • Orange Walk A short easy walk for people with impaired mobility. Approx. 1.25km, 30 mins – 1 Hour.
  • Red Walk A walk with several steep hills suitable for the more agile. Approx. 6km (3.5 miles),  2 – 3 hours.