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Stock Map

Please view the map below to locate where the current stock are located.  All stock may be subject to movement at any time for a variety of operational reasons. Hover over the orange icons for more detail on stock in a field.

Alongside our stock there are many wild animals that live on the Estate. Please be mindful when you are out an about and ensure that you do not disturb any of the natural habitats; keep to paths and mown routes where possible. 

If you are walking a dog, it is important that you do not allow your dog to chase any of the livestock or any of the wild animals – your dog must be under effective control at all times. 

Stock Map Last updated: 14.05.2024

Stock Map

There are sheep in Barnfield

There are goats on Bovingdon Brickworks.

There are goats on Bovingdon Brickworks.

Cows are on Herdsman's Triangle


Cows are on Station Moor

Cows are on Snook's Triangle

Cows are on Harding's Moor

Cows are on Bovingdon Brickworks

Horses are on Station Moor

Horses are on Two Waters Moor East

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