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Lifelong Learning

The Box Moor Trust will seek to provide high quality, valuable and inspirational lifelong learning opportunities through both formal and informal means to individuals, organisations and community groups to encourage an interest in the Trust’s land and the natural environment. These opportunities will be provided regardless of age or ability.

In delivering these learning opportunities, the Trust will seek to promote the Trust’s lands and focus on specific elements, including those that reflect its particular strengths, unique characteristics and charitable objectives.


  • The Trust is a local charity – we will prioritise learning opportunities for the public within the Area of Benefit.
  • The Trust is a unique, land-based charity – we will concentrate on providing learning opportunities that have a strong connection to and raise awareness of the Trust, its estate and its heritage.
  • The Trust has a rich diversity of environmental and ecological resources within its estate – we will make full and varied use of these wherever possible.
  • The Trust offers an environment for learning that complements more formal learning environments – we will encourage first-hand exploration and investigation to suit a variety of learning styles.
  • The Trust offers an opportunity to experience ‘environmental awareness’ – we will aim to provide learning opportunities that do not replicate what can be taught within schools or school grounds.
  • The purpose of the Trust is to manage its lands in a sustainable way for the public benefit and for future generations – we will provide learning opportunities that encourage personal environmental responsibility and an understanding of the need for sustainable development, both generally and in relation to the protection and management of the Trust estate.
  • The Trust is a community organisation – we will work with all ages, abilities, genders, races, religions and nationalities within the local society where feasible, ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion needs are taken into consideration.

The Trust will work with a broad range of schools to provide the opportunity to reinforce theory with first-hand experience. By doing so, the Trust will also encourage schools to increase the amount of time that children spend out of the classroom, offering physical and mental health benefits.

The Trust will seek to work with local and national youth organisations providing access to cost effective environmental awareness activities and media that inform them about the work of the Trust and issues affecting the wider natural environment and sustainable development.

The Trust will seek to develop relationships with local and national adult-centred organisations and provide learning and experiential opportunities to all ages and abilities.

The Trust will seek to work with individuals in delivering appropriate and relevant lifelong learning opportunities.
The Trust will seek to provide informal learning experiences which facilitate public understanding of land management and the natural environment.