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Dog walking around Sheep

44 of our ewes have had lambs this year, with over 70 lambs being born.  Most are pedigree Norfolk Horns, with some Norfolk Horn/Charolais crosses.  The new lambs are now out on the meadows of Westbrook Hay with their mums.  See the stock map for up-to-date info on where theRead More

Changes to the Kickstart Scheme

On Monday 25th January, the Government announced changes to the Kickstart scheme which mean that we are no longer able to proceed as a Gateway. Every Gateway on the national list that was still collecting the 30 minimum placements, so obviously up against the difficulty of commitments during an uncertainRead More

Two Waters deregistration update.

Disappointing news for the Box Moor Trust and the community as Two Waters deregistration and exchange of Common Land is refused. Being such an important local issue, we make no apologies for the level of detail we provide in this document. We believe this decision by a Government Department, effectivelyRead More

Cattle Egret Sighting!

One of our volunteers spotted this Cattle Egret feeding off grubs in the field with horses off Chaulden Lane. It’s only a short hop from Box Moor Trust land across the road so we will be keeping an eye on it to see where it goes from there.  This birdRead More