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Commercial/Professional Dog Walkers Excluded From Westbrook Hay Estate

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Commercial/Professional Dog Walkers are now excluded from using any of the land at Westbrook Hay.

This is effective as of Thursday 1st June 2023.

All express or implied permission to Commercial/Professional Dog Walkers using any part of the land known as Westbrook Hay Estate has been withdrawn.

This exclusion is being imposed as a result of continuing complaints from members of the public. Any transgression of the exemption may be dealt with by recourse to legal action.

This includes the car parks contained within the boundary of the estate.

The map shows the area covered by the ban outlined in red.

Map of area Commercial/Professional Dog Walkers are Excluded From at Westbrook Hay

It should also be noted that continuing to use Westbrook Hay Estate, after 1st June 2023, for commercial/professional dog walking purposes without permission of the Trust is likely to invalidate any public liability insurance you have, in connection with your business as a Commercial or Professional Dog Walker.

There are several suitable ‘safe sites’ for walking dogs within a short drive of Westbrook Hay. A search on the internet will show where commercially available sites are located.

If you are a member of the public and walk your dog at Westbrook Hay or are thinking of employing a Commercial/Professional Dog Walker, please visit our Bringing Your Dog page for advice and information.