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Snipes say Hello!

We at the Trust have been over the moon this week, with the spotting of both a Common Snipe and a Jack Snipe across the Trust Estate. The Common Snipe was spotted on the Moor along the banks of the Bulbourne. We were particularly delighted when Alice Vesty sent inRead More

Water rails at Gadespring

Over the last few weeks Water rails have been spotted at the Gadespring Cressbeds. Whilst Water rails are fairly common, they are a secretive bird and as such they are more often heard than seen. Box Moor Trust Chairman David Kirk had this to say about our new visitors. WeRead More

Help the Boxmoor Swifts!

The numbers of Swifts arriving in Britain have dropped by over a third in just 20 years. It is noticeable in Boxmoor that the May arrival of nesting birds has dropped from 20 or more in 2010 to just a handful in 2017. They fly over the village every dayRead More

Lambing is underway!

Lambing season is upon us, with our Estates team through the night tending to the Sheep. In the early hours of Wednesday 1st march, we said hello to our first lambs of 2017, with two sets of twins arriving at just after midnight. We are expecting a lot more toRead More