May Bulbourne Update

We are delighted to see the changes made to the river are beginning to bed in. The banks have managed to regenerate, despite the unseasonably dry weather, which has improved the look of the river. Our river fly monitoring volunteer group have been extremely positive since the works have been carried out; they have seen a marked increase in the number, and range, of riverfly on the sites in which large scale works have been undertaken. The project returned the River Bulbourne to a healthier, and more natural, state.

Below is a before & after photo taken by the Chilterns Chalk Stream Project, highlighting the major difference that a couple of months makes.The top photo shows the river just after the works had been completed, whilst the bottom shows how the river looks as of the end of April 2017. Not only is the difference significant,  but we can also see that the river looks much more natural, with lightly graded, sloping banks and a narrower, more sinuous flow.


In addition, the Trustees and Staff would like to thank everyone that attended the various sessions of this years Annual Public Meeting. It was good to not only meet you, but hear your ideas and thoughts about the Trust moving forward. We’ll see you again next year!