Grazing on the Moors 2020

We know that people love to see animals grazing on the Moors; this season will see some changes. The way we graze the Moors and look after the pasture is subject to rules laid down by DEFRA (the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs) as part of their Countryside Stewardship scheme. These make sure that the Trust maintains the grazed areas of the Moors to the requirements of  higher level stewardship; meeting these environmental standards, will help maintain and develop eco rich pastures.

As a consequence of our latest inspection by DEFRA, horses will this year only be seen on the North Easterly section of Station Moor, between Station Road, the canal and the river.

The main section of Station Moor will be grazed by some the Trusts Belted Galloway (the black and white Belties) cattle; whilst on Harding’s and Bulbourne Moors we’ll see some Longhorn cattle. These quiet animals are used to grazing where the public has access, and no doubt do an excellent job.

Sheep grazing this year adjacent to Two Waters Road was part of a new grazing strategy, aimed to reduce the coarse grasses present in the sward currently; it is hoped that this type of grazing, will encourage a more diverse grassland structure.

We hope that everyone will continue to enjoy these treasured open spaces which have been grazed for hundreds of years. We look forward to continued support from all the users who enjoy the Moors; please respect the various livestock by giving them space, keeping dogs under control and picking up and taking away all dog waste.


Peter Samson

Estate Manager